Which Gambling Sites Pay Out the Most?

Online gambling in the UK has never been bigger, and it doesn’t matter how popular it gets – the fact is that the more people place bets, the greater the rewards will be for the winner. Horse races, football matches and sports in general are some of the biggest events to place bets on, and with gambling sites offering a variety of odds to be enjoyed, it can be a pretty big challenge for those hoping to see a return on their investment.

We’ve got to know some of the best gambling sites in the UK; all of which offer their own unique features, but which ones offer the best value for money? Here are a few of the most reputable that we’ve tried – and those that we feel offer the greatest deals around, as well as the best odds for those planning on gambling.BetFair UK Review


Although our first-hand experience with BetFair was anything but satisfactory, the truth is that they do offer some of the best odds when compared to their competition. There are two ways to go about gambling with BetFair; you could develop a strategy that slowly trickles in a flow of profit (by taking lower bets with fair odds), or you could plunge an entire stake on a big win.

If you are planning on the latter, we’d recommend keeping your odds between 7-1 and 11-1. Any higher and you’ll likely lose your cash – but considering the low cost to bet at these odds, a win will provide a significant profit.

LadbrokesKeeping things casual with Ladbrokes

This brand are a lot like BetFair – only with a far higher pay out rate. The odds are a little higher than BetFair (even for the same races and matches), but the return for a win more than makes up for this. We found that visiting sites like BetFair, gauging their odds and then placing a bet with Ladbrokes offered a great return on our investments.

The latter site offers a higher rate of return, with the former featuring real-time odds. There’s nothing wrong with signing up to both services either, although we would encourage you to place bets with Ladbrokes.

NetBetNetBet Review

This brand aren’t quite as well-known as Ladbrokes, but they do offer some of the greatest pay outs around. They offer an incredible variety of bonuses, and considering they are one of the only agencies that consider these bonuses ‘real cash’, you could simply place a bet, win 10% of the original bonus and then withdraw the entire sum to your bank account.

There are security restrictions to stop people from signing up again and again, but considering the brilliant odds offered by NetBet – we’d consider them one of the best for any casual or professional gambler.


Although 888 are better known for their casino games, they do still offer one of the largest welcome bonuses. There’s no restriction on the type of games that you take part in either, so if you’re good at Poker – you’ll see a return in no time. The same could be said for any game that doesn’t involve random luck (such as slots and Black Jack).

Their Roulette games also offer very fair odds, although this game is the most densely populated, which can make it difficult to win unless you play outside of peak hours.

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