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uk slot machine guideThe first pull-handle slot machine was first invented in 1891 as an alternative way of playing poker. These free slots were common in pubs and winning hands would often be rewarded with free drinks. Slot machines were later refined and awards were given in the form of money directly from the machine.

While the game remains fundamentally the same, modern slot machines, in addition to online slots, have added more ways to win and digitized the entire process, negating the need for a pull handle. Slots are now among the most popular casino games, taking up most of the real estate in bricks-and-mortar casinos and comprising of the majority of games on online casinos.

Common Slot Features

Where once slot machines were limited to what was shown on the slot reels, today’s slot machines feature limitless paylines, stunning graphics, games within the game, added bonuses, themes from your favorite franchises, and so much more.

Slot Reels

The reels of a slot game refer to the wheels that land on pictures, letters, or numbers at random. Both in person and online, these spin and land on a symbol, but unlike on old machines, the images on online slot reels are not subject to appear in a specific order on the wheel. The reels on an online slot machine are randomized using complicated algorithms.


The original iteration of the slot machine offered players just one way to win: obtain three like symbols in a row. Today, there are 243 possible ways to win on a digital slot machine, including lines that comprise of every possible visible position and variation on the slot face. The number of paylines, of course, is determined by your initial bet.


Just because the premise of a slot machine is simple doesn’t mean that they can’t provide the same action as your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports teams. Modern graphics and sound effects make slots an immersive experience, awarding winning players not just money, but cut scenes, music, and bonus rounds that impress and entertain.

Games within the Game

Most slot machines now offer games within the game. These mini games are activated by getting three bonus-round icons on a single spin and can provide everything from free spins to a skill challenge. These kinds of added features are extremely popular among players for their ability to break up long bouts of bad spins and quickly change your luck. They also present the opportunity to win some big money.

Added Bonuses

Many UK casinos offer new players no deposit slots as a bonus for signing up. Popular online casino sites like Slots Magic even offer free slots no deposit freebies to VIP and veteran players. Players who choose to make a deposit are often rewarded with free spin bonuses and the best online casinos offer daily slot challenges and freebies.


Some of the biggest franchises have lent their brands to be featured on high-quality online slots. These include artists like Michael Jackson, TV shows like Game of Thrones, and films like Titanic. These games are all completely unique in their gameplay and feature graphic heavy interfaces that fans love. Let’s see your grandfather’s slot machine to that!

Betting on UK Slots

uk best slot machines

There are numerous ways to bet on an online slot machine. A game that allows you to gamble on 25 paylines, for example, will generally allow you to choose to play a single line, five lines, ten lines, and so forth. If you choose to bet one pound, your bet will be adjusted for each payline you play. For example, five paylines on a one pound bet would equal a five pound bet overall. Keep in mind that the more paylines you play, the greater your odds will be of winning.

Slot game developers set their own minimums and maximums for gameplay, just as in a real casino you can choose from penny slots to ones that have a £100 minimum. Payouts range from ten times your initial bet up to 2000 times your initial bet. There are a number of ways to win big on your bet.

Wild Symbols

You may have heard of a wild card in poker, but did you know that there are wild symbols in modern slot machines? Wild symbols can represent any symbol on a slot machine — even bonus symbols. A winning spin of only wild symbols often results in an even larger cash reward.

Scatter Symbols

A scatter symbol is one that does not need to appear on your payline to be included as a part of a spin. These symbols can land anywhere, and a spin that includes three or more scatter symbols can generate anything from a bonus round to free spins to a big jackpot.

Progressive Bonuses

Progressive slots offer bonuses that grow with each bet you and the rest of the players on a site make. Winning a progressive bonus generally requires landing on multiple bonus images or even completing a game within the game. Progressive slots can grow in the hundreds of thousands, so make sure your favorite casino offers this style of bonus.

UK Slot Payouts and Odds

Finding an online casino with high payouts is essential to not only winning big but also to having a good time. Usually contained within the fine print (or within the large print of our reviews), you may come across figures represented in percentages. A 95% payout rate, for example, means that a casino will keep just 5% of the money that all players bet and give back the rest via their games. Keep an eye out for online casinos that offer low payout rates.

The odds of landing on a specific symbol on a slot machine vary by game and if you are an odds junkie you should have a look before playing to understand the likelihood of hitting it big.

UK Slot Safety

uk online casino slot safetyYour online safety is paramount in everything you do from simply surfing to making purchases and especially in online gambling. That is why finding an online casino that uses the highest security standards is so important. There are several things you can look for (and which we ensure all of our reviewed games possess) before signing up on any site.

  1. Reputation – It doesn’t matter what a casino says they do as much as their reputation in doing it. Online casinos that have been compromised or found to be cheating should not be trusted. Reputation matters, especially when it comes to a service that is responsible for vast sums of money.
  2. Security Features – There are many ways for online casinos to keep your information safe. High-level encryption of customer data is a must, but even features like secure socket layers should be standard considering how prevalent it is today.
  3. Licensure – Licensed casinos are obliged to abide by a high standard that unlicensed (and therefore illegal) casino is not. Always look for gaming sites that are approved by the UK Gambling Commission and have seals from verification services like eCOGRA.

The Best UK Slots

With all of this in mind, you’re probably ready to get out there and start playing the best UK slots. Finding the right online casino for your tastes may not be as single as you think, however. That is why we have compiled a listing of reviews that you can refer to at any time to help you choose your first casino, or even give you advice if you begin looking for somewhere else to play.slots no deposit bonus

We focus on casinos that feature amazing games, high payouts, slots no deposit bonus, and everything else that players look for. Our reader success is a testament to the quality that we strive to deliver and we hope that you have fun and gamble wisely!

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