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Roulette is proof that table games don’t have to be serious and boring. And being able to play online roulette at a UK casino is less intimidating for those who are new to the game. Of course, you’ll need to know how the game is played first. And once you understand the basics, you can sign up with an online casino and start playing for real money.

Online Roulette Along with a beginners guide to the game of roulette, we’ve included some information on how you can use your Welcome Bonus to play roulette online.

Online Roulette Rules

The roulette table is one of the most mesmerizing pieces of equipment you’ll find in a casino. It consists of a large wheel with numbers that is spun in one direction, while a white ball is launched in the other direction. Player’s place bets on where they think the ball will land when it comes to a stop.

It’s a very simple game, but figuring out where to place your bet is a bit trickier. You can bet on a specific number or place a broader bet such as whether the number the ball lands on will be red or black, odd or even.  You can also place your chips on a row, two rows, a corner or a group of numbers from 1-18 or 19-36.  Each bet has different payout odds. Part of the challenge of playing roulette successfully is remembering what the odds for each bet are. You’ll need to find a balance between taking a calculated risk, and stretching your bankroll so you can play for longer.

An ‘inside bet’ is a term that refers to a bet made on a specific number. Inside bets offer players higher payout odds, and include the following types of bets:

  • Straight Up: betting on one number
  • Two-number Split: betting on two numbers
  • Street Bet: betting on three numbers
  • Square bet: betting on four numbers
  • Five numbers: betting on five numbers
  • Line bet: betting on six numbers
  • Dozen bet: betting on the first, middle or last twelve numbers

When you place one of the bets listed below, it’s called an ‘outside bet’. The odds on outside bets are much lower:

  • Even/Odd:  betting on whether the number is odd or evenOnline Roulette UK
  • High/Low: betting the first or last 18 numbers
  • Red/black:  betting on the color of the number

Online casinos in the UK also offer players three different versions of roulette commonly referred to as American, European and French Roulette. The difference between these versions is subtle but important. It all has to do with the only green slot on the wheel. On a European roulette wheel, there is one green slot with the number 0. And this is what gives the house an edge.

The American version has a wheel with two green slots; a ‘zero’ and a ‘double zero’. This increases the house edge and the reason why many experts suggest the players avoid playing American Roulette.

The French Roulette wheel is the same as the European Roulette wheel, but it offers players better odds out of all the different versions. That’s because when the ball does land in the green slot, players don’t automatically lose their money. At this point, two rules come into play. If the ‘En prison’ rule is applied, your money is held over for the next spin of the wheel. If the ‘En partridge’ rule comes into play, then you will only lose half your bet. Where possible, you should always play French Roulette at an online casino.

The Best Online Roulette Bets

There are specific bets in roulette that are considered to be good bets that one should always make. These bets represent your best chances at winning big and taking advantage of your odds. They are employed by new and seasoned players alike.

Even Money Bets

Any outside bet that pays out 1:1 is likely to be easier to win than number specific bets. Even money bets include those which are placed on odd or even numbers, low (1-18) or high (19-36) numbers, and red or black numbers. Because these wagers offer a binary win, you can either double your money or lose everything.

Dozen Bets

The dozens bet decreases your chance of winning to 33.33% as it splits the roulette wheel into dozens. Zones marked ‘1st 12’ which includes numbers 1-12, ‘2nd 12’ which includes numbers 13-24, and ‘3rd 12’ which includes numbers 25-36 provide payouts of 2:1. There are people who swear by the dozens bet because it enables them to bet on two zones at once, thus guaranteeing a 1:1 payout if the ball lands on two-thirds of the numbered spaces on the wheel.

Column Bets

The column bet also offers a 2:1 payout and allows you to bet on any of the three columns that comprise the betting area. These columns include every third number between 1-34, 2-35, and 3-36. Similar to dozen bets, many choose to bet on two columns in favor of a chance at a 1:1 payout.

The Worst Online Roulette Bets

As with any game, there are good moves and bad moves. Roulette has bets that have a clear advantage, as well as those which have a clear disadvantage. These bets represent your worst odds and are only employed by the most luck-driven individuals.

Basket Bet

A basked bet is a five number bet that can only be placed when the game is being played with an American wheel. This is because the American version of the game have an additional spot, 00, that increases the house advantage. The basket bet is a five number bet covering the number 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. This bet gives the house an edge of nearly 8% and represents the absolute worst bet you can make in the game.

Straight Bets

Any bet on a single number – and only a single number – is referred to as a straight bet. A straight bet is a poor one, as your odds of landing on any given number is either 2.70% (European roulette) or 2.63% (American roulette). These unlikely odds are enough to make even the luckiest man think twice about a straight bet.

Split Bets

A split bet simply refers to a bet on two single numbers at once. On a European wheel your odds of winning a split bet are 5.4%, while an American wheel decreases them to 5.26%. A split bet only pays 17 to 1, which means the payout is less than you would get on a straight bet, despite having the same odds! We highly recommend that you skip the split.

2017 Online Roulette Bonuses

When you sign up with a UK online casino, you’ll be offered a welcome bonus. This is used to entice players and if used wisely can extend your bankroll. However, these bonuses normally have some sort of wagering requirement attached to them. This is normally expressed as a number multiplied by the initial deposit, bonus or a combination. What is means is that you will have to bet a certain amount before you can cash out. Let’s say you receive a welcome bonus of £50 that matches your initial deposit. This would give you a total of £100 to spend.2017 Online Roulette Bonuses

Obviously the casino would not allow you to cash out your money immediately, so they set a wagering requirement of 25 x the total. You’ll need to bet £2500 before you can withdraw your winnings. You’ll also need to know is what percentage of the games you can play contributes towards this wagering requirement. Some table games such as roulette and blackjack only account for 10% of the requirement. For each £100 you spend at the roulette table, only £10 is deducted from your wagering requirement.

Playing online roulette at a UK online casino is just as thrilling as joining a table in a land based casino. Some online casinos will also let you play for free until you’re confident enough to place a real bet. Don’t be afraid to take your newfound knowledge of the game and put it to the test at an online casino of your choice.

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