Online Casinos Step Up their Security after Multiple Breaches

2015 played host to some of the latest advances in security software, and 2016 looks set to explore even greater depths in an attempt to keep criminals and hackers at bay. Last year, some of the best online casinos reported multiple security breaches – all of which were fortunately contained and posed no risk to members or users.

Although these sites are remaining pretty tight lipped regarding the types of breaches – it’s clear that hackers have managed to up their game recently, and this could pose a variety of threats over the course of the approaching years. There was a time where gambling websites were considered to be some of the most secure on the planet – with features that rival even those of government agencies.

The saving grace

As newer technologies are developed however, it’s not unheard of for criminals to actually find loop holes in current and pre-existing systems; both of which can be exploited if made vulnerable. For every improvement in security, it seems that criminals aren’t far behind, and this in itself could put millions of online gamblers at risk – as well as their sources of funding.

The saving grace

Fortunately, a multitude of online security providers have banded together in an attempt to come up with a way to thwart the attempts of hackers and criminals altogether. Although still in early development, the preliminary results look very promising and even the most substantial attempts to gain entry to these new systems have been denied in their entirety.

One of the biggest names in the industry – the Hard Rock Hotel and casino suffered one of the largest data breaches on record. Although a physical premises, the Hard Rock owns shares in a variety of online platforms – all of which were put at risk as a result of the breach. What was most catastrophic about this instance however, was that it had gone unnoticed for a full 6 months before being discovered – that’s a lot of transactions harvested by criminals.

The consequences for online gaming platforms

All reputable platforms rely on top-tier encryption to ensure that their protocols and data remain out of harm’s way. It’s these encryptions that have protected millions of people around the world, and will undoubtedly protect even more as time goes by. There are small opportunities for these security functions to be exploited however – especially by those with a knowledge in the hacking field who want to cause some damage.

online gaming platforms

It’s this exploitation that is being investigated by some of the world’s leading security providers, and they’ve promised to create some of the most advanced software, that even their own specialists would struggle to unravel the new technology. Although websites are responsible for their own security, including ensuring that their protocols are up to date and able to withstand all but the most persistent hacking attempts – the next few years look set to create policies that these online sites must adhere to.

Before long, it’s likely that all websites will be brought up to scratch – from the smallest bingo sites, all the way to the largest platforms on the planet. By coming together to thwart the attempts of criminals, the online community promises to be a safer location for those hoping to deposit funds directly from accounts, take part in games and bets – and most importantly walk away safely with their winnings.

Are online players now safe from hacking attempts?

In short, the answer is yes. Major sites feature state of the art technologies, and even if these facilities are breached, further barriers are in place to ensure that hackers can’t get to the core that they are desperately seeking – a core of information that contains millions of bytes of data relating to credit card numbers, member names and other information that would be considered confidential. Rest assured that using these sites is safe however, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sign up to your favorite one today.

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