NetBet Review

If there’s one online gambling site that we’ve been desperate to try out for months now, it’s NetBet. We had previously ventured into the website in the past, but only recently were we given the opportunity to really get to grips with its unique features and functions. We explored almost every element – from sign up and deposit, all the way to gameplay and withdrawals. Here’s a look at our impression of the platform – a service that many consider to be one of the top online casinos that the UK has to offer.

Getting started

Contrary to our typical sign up methods, we decided to first download the app to our test Android mobile, and then create an account via the application. Doing so was easy – with minimal permissions required, and a flawless installation process. Once installed, it was simple to create an account, link our payment method and then see a bonus credit that we never even dreamed possible.

NetBet Review

No sooner had we signed up than we saw £1500 placed straight into our account. This is by far the largest amount of cash that any online casino or gambling site gives to its users. Of course there are a few catches – the money can only be spent on paid games via NetBet, and we’d have to accumulate £100 to be able to withdraw our winnings.

Depositing cash

Even with this huge credit amount, we opted to test the deposit process and placed a small sum (just £20) into our account. This was added to the total, and we were then given the option to spend our own cash or the welcome bonus for any games that we played. This is a fairly nice feature, especially as when using our own cash, as the withdrawal threshold is lowered. We’d be able to take our money out without having to earn hundreds of pounds, like when using the bonus money.

Playing their games

If there’s one thing that NetBet are renowned for, it’s the sheer versatility of their online games. From sports and races, all the way to traditional casino card games online – they have everything covered. The slots caught our attention immediately, so much so that we opted to spend £20 of our own money almost straight away.

Playing their games

After a few spins, we’d won just over £10 for a £6 investment – offering up a nice £4 in profit. We put this back into the slots, only to win an instant £100. In total, we’d now accumulated just over £100 using our own money, without even touching the £1500 provided by NetBet. The next thing that we wanted to do was to withdraw our winnings to see if we’d be allowed (a feature that several other sites sometimes restrict).

Withdrawing from NetBet

Just before withdrawing, we were taken to a screen that allowed us to define how much we wanted to take out. The main block of cash was greyed out, but our own money was right there for the taking. So we’d put in £20, ended up withdrawing just over £100 – all in the space of an hour. That’s an incredible profit for the time spent.

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Our final thoughts

Since our initial testing, we’ve revisited NetBet dozens of times over the past few weeks. We’ve won at least once every 4 times of logging in – each time with an amount at least double to what we’ve spent. In the long run this number may even out, but we have no doubt that professional gamblers will be able to maximise their investments by playing games that they are great at, instead of luck-based games like we tried.

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