Are All Online Games About Luck?

The gambling scene has never been bigger, and although many traditional betters and players prefer to visit their favorite betting shops and facilities – it’s undeniable that the internet has given gamblers everywhere a whole new playground. Whether typical scratch card games are preferred, or if you are into casino games like slots, roulette and Black Jack – with so many sites to choose from, users are spoilt for choice.

But how exactly do these online games work? Is it all about skill, or do the results relate to luck? Well, in all honesty the answer depends on the types of games that you are hoping to take part in. Here’s a closer look at the types of games that can be enjoyed, and whether or not they rely on luck, skill, or a clever combination of both.

Traditional Betting Services

Placing bets on horse races, soccer matches and other well-known sports has been an activity enjoyed by people for hundreds of years. It takes a lucky gambler to make a big win on an unlikely champion, but the fact is that a knowledgeable individual will be able to rely on their skill and expertise to predict results ahead of time.

Are All Online Games About Luck?

Although guessing the goals of a soccer game could be put down to luck, the same couldn’t be said for the potential winner of that match, just as much as recognizing the fastest horse in the race. With that in mind, traditional gambling like this is a little more about skill than luck, although the latter element will definitely play a role in the final result.

Online Scratch Cards and Entertainment Games

Fun games with animated features and scratch cards can be incredibly enjoyable to bet on, but the truth is that each and every game is pre-coded ahead of time. What this means is that when a user logs in and buys a ticket, or signs up to a game – the results are already planned out. A scratch card will therefore either offer a win or a loss regardless of the order that the symbols are scratched, as will a game of bingo.

Although this might sound fairly restrictive, the reality is that online gambling websites are required to reward a particular percentage of games played. This means that a lucky player could experience wins every day, or fail to enjoy even a single pay out if they are really that unfortunate. It’s less about timing, and more about being present when that winning ticket comes around. Most websites freely display their win and loss ratios within their terms and conditions, so it’s a good idea to check before signup.


Poker, Slots and other Casino Games

These types of games are incredibly popular, and for good reason. Most websites offer high win ratios, and with such a variety of games to choose from – there’s really no reason to settle on one alone. Slots are all about luck, and their pay-out ratio will relate to the amount of money spent, the amount of winners already cashing in and other unique factors.

Black Jack is fairly similar – although this game is a little more about luck and chance. Poker on the other hand is a perfect blend of both luck and skill. Yes, the cards being dealt might be random (even online), and yes if you have been dealt a bad hand then your chances of victory will be lower – but if the player is clever and able to bluff their way to success, then there’s really no reason why they couldn’t win every hand.

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